Religious Schools

NRM Consulting can help breathe new life into the religious identity and values of your school. In the most effective religious schools, that identity is organically woven throughout all aspects of school life and operations. Contact us to discuss how we can support your team in efforts such as:

  • Aligning identity with practice.
  • Supporting the Head of School and other leaders to be more effective spiritual leaders.
  • Exploring how religious identity can inform strategic visioning, budgeting, long-range financial planning, discipline, faculty culture, administrative decision-making and culture, board practices, hiring, professional development, and other seemingly “non-religious” aspects of the school.

"[Ned's] breadth of experience gives him instant credibility with religious and non-religiously affiliated schools, day and boarding schools, and K-8 or 6-12 schools." -Head of School | 931.463.1704