A strong, high-functioning governance team is the key to achieving your aspirations.

Contact us to discuss a custom-designed program of training and support for your entire governance team--Head of School, Board Chair, Rector/Pastor (if applicable), etc.

Each course is designed to meet the needs of the individual school and generally includes attention to the following domains:

  • The Mechanics of Governance: An audit of Board and administrative team processes (e.g., meeting agendas, goal setting, etc.) as well as the processes for Head evaluation and compensation and Board evaluation. 
  • The Mindset of Governance: Clarifying your vision and effectively aligning intentions, resources, and actions, as well as strengthening responses to stressors.
  • The Community of Governance: Effective leadership depends upon effective relationships, both among the members and with the school community.
  • The Theology and Spirituality of Governance: This is a critical domain for faith-based schools that deserves attention.

Governance Resources


Here Ned Murray offers a webinar presentation to SAIS Heads of School on Governance During the Pandemic.
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In this episode of his podcast, The Nonprofit Architect, Travis Johnson features Ned Murray in a discussion about strengthening nonprofit organizations by systematically strengthening the governance team.