Finance and Enrollment


NRM Consulting will help your school identify and achieve optimal enrollment. Increasing enrollment isn’t always the answer, just as "full steam ahead" isn't always the best navigational tactic. The key to sustainability is to align your capacity, enrollment, programs, messaging, and strategic vision in flexible ways. 

Contact us to discuss how we can help you optimize your enrollment through better alignment of:

  • Your messaging with your programming,
  • Your programming with your demand,
  • Demand with your capacity,
  • And flexible capacity with responsive budgeting.

When all of these are in proper alignment, you become both more sustainable and more effective.

"Ned is very well educated and conversant in every area of curriculum. He also has a deep understanding of human development and pedagogy, and he has kept up to date with educational management literature."  -Former Head of School | 931.463.1704