Faculty Evaluation

To get everyone rowing together toward the same destination, NRM Consulting will work with your team to develop customized systems that connect faculty evaluation, professional growth, and a culture of appreciation. Well-designed and implemented evaluation systems can help identify distinctive strengths, promote growth, and honor the complex art of teaching.

We can help you:

  • Develop evaluation tools that provide growth- and improvement- oriented direction to faculty members.
  • Develop meaningful metrics, benchmarks, and indicators of performance.
  • Establish greater confidence among parents and trustees.
  • Increase faculty ownership of school-wide priorities and goals.
  • Promote a culture of ongoing professional growth.
  • Strengthen a culture of appreciation on your campus.

I was impressed by Ned’s ability to quickly conceptualize our many disparate thoughts and discussions; to organize, prioritize, and communicate these scattered thoughts; and to create a vision and plan of action.”  -Executive Director of an Education Non Profit

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